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English Bulldog Puppies and Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale
Welcome to Karen and Sandy’s English Bulldog and Boston Terrier website. We are
located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. We breed only the best English Bulldog and
Boston Terriers at carefully selected times of the year. It is our goal to only breed
lovable, healthy, well mannered and happy English Bulldog and Boston Terrier puppies
through a selective process, to ensure that your puppy will be a welcomed part of the
family. Our babies are nurtured and cared for in our home around the clock to give them
personal attention and love. Our English Bulldog and Boston Terrier puppies have made
wonderful additions to families throughout the United States and Canada.

The English Bulldog and Boston Terrier are two of the most beloved and recognized
breeds. English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers exhibit courage, faithfulness and true
dedication; we have devoted all our time and love into the English Bulldog and Boston
Terrier breed. Though both the English Bulldog and Boston Terrier are popular breeds
you should not bring one of these breeds into your family without first asking this
question……Why do you want an English Bulldog or Boston Terrier? One of the best
ways to determine if you are a good candidate for the English Bulldog or Boston Terrier
is to look into your own lifestyle and personality. Both the Boston Terrier and English
Bulldog are devoted to their owners. They both require human companionship whether it
is sitting on the couch (English Bulldog) or taking a jog (Boston Terrier). If you are not
prepared for big wet slobbery kisses or listening to the music of a snoring Bully, you may
want to reconsider the English Bulldog. If outdoors are your thing whether it is boating,
jogging, camping or playing in the park, the Boston Terrier will be your best friend.   
English Bulldog and Boston terrier puppies love to chew, providing them with adequate
teething rings and rubber bones should be a must. Both the English Bulldog and the
Boston Terrier do not tolerate the bitter cold or deadly heat and should not be left
unattended outside; The English Bulldog dies more frequently due to heatstroke than
any other breed. The benefits of having an English Bulldog or Boston Terrier as a
companion can help lower blood pressure, assist with coping with stress and make us
more alert. The companionship between you and your pet will cement a loving bond
between the two of you that can not be replaced…..they are a part of your family!

If you think that you are ready to add an English Bulldog or Boston Terrier into your
family then please consider one of our pre spoiled and health certified babies. Take the
time to call us and don’t be afraid to ask questions, one of these babies could possibly
be a part of your family. If you are interested in one of our English Bulldog or Boston
Terrier puppies and want to get more information please feel free to contact us by phone
or email. We want to hear from you. If you email us and do not hear from us within that
day please call as we did not receive your email. We take great time in responding to
your questions in a timely manner.

Our adult females are up for adoption when available. Check our website for availability
and information regarding our females. We take great pride in our pets. After 3 to 4
litters our mothers are spayed and after approval are adopted into loving homes.

Recently thieves have used our website to scam people into sending money for puppies
they obviously don't own. We have a watermark on our pictures that has a authentic
email address on it. We send new pictures of our puppies when you need assurance that
you are dealing with us.
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